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          Draft of fire safety management in crowded places

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          Recently, the Fire Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of emergency management has publicly solicited opinions from the public on 13 national standards for fire rescue, such as fire safety management in densely populated places.

          The main contents of the standard of fire safety management in densely populated places:

          (1) Main content framework of application scope

          This standard puts forward the fire safety management requirements and measures for personnel intensive places, which is suitable for the fire safety management of the places with certain scale and their buildings. The main contents of the standard include general principles, fire safety responsibilities, fire organization, fire safety system and management, fire safety measures, preparation and drilling of fire fighting and emergency evacuation plans, fire accident disposal and aftermath.

          (2) Determination of densely populated places

          According to the documents of various special governance and the determination standards of key units for fire safety in recent years, the definition of personnel intensive places refers to indoor places where people gather.

          According to the fire protection law, personnel intensive places mainly include the following places: public gathering places; outpatient building, ward building, school teaching building, library, canteen and collective dormitory, Pension Hospital, Welfare Hospital, nursery, kindergarten, reading room of public library, exhibition hall of public exhibition hall and Museum, production and processing workshop and staff of labor-intensive enterprises Dormitory, tourist and religious activities.

          The standard does not define the area and personnel density. Because of the different functions of the above places, some places have large mobility, so it is impossible to define them with a reasonable area and density value, and also keep consistent with the previous documents and regulations. Hotels and stores all refer to the definition of the corresponding design specifications in China. The definition of personnel intensive places in the standard is consistent with the fire protection law, and it is emphasized in the scope of application of the code that "this standard is applicable to personnel intensive places with certain scale". For the determination of "certain scale", it can be combined with the provincial, municipal and autonomous regions according to order 120 of the Ministry of public security The public gathering areas of certain scale determined in the provisions on fire supervision and Inspection No. 1 shall be divided, or determined according to the actual situation of the buildings in the area.

          (3) Management of multiple property units

          The fire safety management in densely populated places should improve the ability of fire prevention and control through effective fire safety management, so as to prevent fire, reduce fire hazards and ensure the safety of people and property. When contracting, leasing or entrusting the parties to the operation conclude the relevant lease contract, the fire safety responsibilities of all parties shall be clarified in accordance with the relevant provisions.

          In case of densely populated places with two or more property rights units and users, besides fulfilling their own fire control management responsibilities according to law, the responsible units for unified management shall be clearly defined for the fire truck passageway, evacuation facilities involving public fire safety and other building fire fighting facilities.

          (4) Fire safety responsibility

          The person in charge of fire safety in densely populated places is determined, and the legal representative of the legal entity or the principal person in charge of the illegal unit in the place shall be the responsible person.

          The person in charge of fire safety can determine the fire safety manager of the site as required.

          The lessee of the contracted and leased place is the fire safety responsible person within the scope of the contract and lease, and the person in charge of each department is the Department fire safety person.

          It is clear that the personnel with fire hazard such as electric welding and gas welding and the operators on duty of automatic fire control system shall take up their posts with certificates.

          (5) Fire safety management system

          Before the public gathering places are used or opened, they shall be reported to the fire rescue institutions according to law, or the reconstruction, expansion, decoration and change of use shall be submitted to the housing and urban and rural construction departments for approval according to law. Meanwhile, it is required to formulate management systems for regular fire safety meeting, fire inspection and inspection, fire publicity and training, safety evacuation facilities management, fire facilities management, fire hidden danger rectification, electric power fire safety management, fire safety management, inflammable and explosive chemicals management, fire safety key parts management, fire archives and other management systems.

          (6) Fire safety measures

          For various personnel intensive places, the corresponding fire safety measures are specified respectively, including: hotels, shops, public entertainment places, outpatient buildings and ward buildings of schools and hospitals, places such as nursing homes, nurseries, kindergartens, stadiums, exhibition halls and exhibition halls of museums, production and processing workshops with dense staff and dormitory.

          (7) Emergency evacuation plan preparation and drilling, accident recovery

          In densely populated places, the fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan shall be formulated according to the actual situation of personnel concentration, high fire risk and key parts, and the staff shall be regularly organized to be familiar with the fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan, and gradually modified and improved through the plan drill. After the fire, the fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan shall be started immediately, all personnel in the building shall be informed to evacuate immediately and the initial fire fighting and rescue shall be implemented. After the fire, the fire site shall be protected. After the fire investigation, the lessons from fire accidents should be summarized and fire safety management improved.

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