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          Safety Commission Office and Emergency Management Department of the State Council announced the recent national safety production risk situation

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          In recent years, various enterprises' production and operation activities tend to be vigorous, the full load and super-intensity production situation increases. In addition, the risks accumulated in the long-term safety production are exposed and new risks are increasing, and the safety situation is severe and complex. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the safety production risk during the peak work resumption in all regions, and to clarify the key areas of prevention and control in key industries, according to the characteristics of disasters and accidents in spring in recent years, the office of the State Council Security Committee and the Department of emergency management recently reported the recent situation of safety production risk in China, urged all departments to focus on key industry areas and highlight the key risk prevention and control points, and effectively pay attention to the safety prevention work of resumption of work and resumption of production .

          According to statistics, since this year, there has been no special major accident in the country, which is the same as that of 2020 and 2019; one major accident and 11 deaths have occurred, which is the same or reduced as that in 2020 and 2019.

          The office of the State Council Security Committee and the Department of emergency management require that all departments of all regions should focus on key industries, highlight the key points of safety production prevention and control, and implement safety precautions in detail.

          ——Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the acceptance of the resumption of work and resumption of production. Affected by the sharp increase in the global raw material price, the full load and ultra-strength production of various domestic raw material manufacturers is increasing. Therefore, the production and operation behavior of enterprises should be strictly standardized and the production and operation of the enterprises shall be strictly prevented.

          ——Strengthen the safety inspection of all kinds of mines and strictly prevent the over strength production. At present, the global ore demand is continuously strong, the impulse of mine enterprises to increase production is great, and the safety risks increase accordingly. We should pay close attention to the major hidden dangers such as coal mine gas and impact ground pressure to carry out investigation and risk control, and strictly prevent accidents caused by ultra-strength production.

          ——We will strengthen the safety supervision on construction sites, especially major construction projects. Since this year, the total amount of construction accidents and major accidents have increased year on year. In recent years, the phenomenon of rush period and progress of various construction projects has increased, safety management is easy to relax, and accidents are very easy to cause. We should resolutely prevent serious and serious accidents caused by the construction period and schedule rush.

          ——Strengthen the safety supervision during the peak season of fishery production. In view of the situation of the rapid increase of large accidents of fishing vessels in recent years, we should urge the agricultural and rural departments to implement the responsibility of industry supervision, promote fishery administrative institutions at all levels to strengthen the industry supervision in the peak season of fishery production, strengthen the monitoring and warning of extreme weather and strengthen the construction of emergency response capacity.

          ——To prevent major accidents in the field of transportation. We should learn from the recent air disputes of Donghai air crew, strengthen the management of transportation safety, strictly implement safety assurance measures, and effectively guarantee transportation safety.

          ——Strengthen the safety inspection and routine inspection and maintenance of water conservancy equipment and facilities. Learn from the lessons of dam overflow accidents caused by the failure of hydraulic control system of gate in the supporting project of Xiaolangdi water conservancy project in the near future, comprehensively check the safety hazards and ensure that similar accidents will not occur.

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